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So I just updated my Iphone and had some trouble synching my apps. I finally got the apps figured out and now I can't get my purchased ringtones back! Every time I try to synch my tones it says that doing so will erase all of my music, movies, and basically everything off of my phone. I really don't want to have to try to set all of that back up again. Any suggestions?

iPhone 3GS
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    You need to set your sync settings to Manually select music, etc.then sync the ringtones that are listed in itunes



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    I tried that, but when I seleck the box over "Synch Tones" it brings up a box that says "synching tones will remove all music, movies, etc, from the iphone and replace it with the selected tones". Not really wanting to redo my mucis library and movies, I just want my purchased ringtones on back on my phone! Oh, furthermore, Iupdated my husband's phone and everything synched fine with his phone, including my ringtones!

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    I FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, so after trying EVERYTHING else, I finally fixed it! The problem is that according to ITunes, the ringtones still exsisted on my phone, but they did not actually appear when I tried to access them from my phone. THey did appear in ITunes under 'tones' and under my iphone and 'tones' but couldn't play when accessed there (insert the annoying black exclamation point of death here). If ITUNES is telling your phone that the ringtone still exists, then all of your attempts to restore it will fail, you phone thinks there is nothing to restore. You have to delete the ringtone from your phone (you still need it in ITUNES) and re-install it on your phone. Only after it has been deleted will your phone allow it to be 'restored'... stupid smart phones!

    TO FIX:

    first make sure your ringtones appear and can play when selected from "tones" on the left hand menu.

    then, select your Iphone -> then your tones under that menu make sure they cannot play when selected here.

    Then, select a tone from this menue and delete it from your phone! ... trust me.


    THEN... go back to your ITUNES TONES menu where your tone should still appear (this is where you were able to play it from before)

    CLICK --> DRAG --> AND DROP on you IPHONE

    This should restore your ringtone.