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Hi all,

Last night my ipod's screen went a bit tits up, i noticed a small patch of what looks like dead pixels near the center of the screen, which seems to have gotten progressively worse over the night...

Im positive this was not there last night when i got the thing out to put in the car. When i set off it wasn't there but when i stopped the car it had appeared and isn't going away!

Heres a pic to show what i mean:




Does anyone know whats going on and if it can be fixed? And how much itll cost me?



Reply by planb77 on May 2, 2012 7:02 AM Helpful

Looks like a few dead or dying pixels on your iPod's LCD screen.  If none the usual 5 R's of troubleshooting resolve the issue, your iPod will need servicing.



How much it costs depends on where and who services the iPod.  Here is Apple's pricing.



It would be cheaper to send it to a third party repair center.  Google for "ipod classic screen replacement" and you should get a plethora of results to work with.


The last option would be to find a parts reseller and purchase a new screen from them and then swap it out yourself using instruction guides/videos found online.



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