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These settings don't work and Apple support is telling me that you MUST be running lion in spite of the fact that the article says "are not using one of these email clients, you can use the information below to set up your iCloud Mail account manually."


All works well on my windows computer.  


Apple has done its best to lose me as a customer.  they've created a fork in the road and made windows look to me like a better path.  To replace my powerbook g4, I have to purchase all new software to get there.  And who knows when apple will do this to me again.   Now they're not even allowing me to use mail with that same powerbook that cannot be upgraded to lion. 


There is no technical reson why rosetta cannot be in lion.  If it were, I could run most if not all of my old software on a new mac.  


So here's the story from apple's .  You may not pay us for your services even though you were paying us and it was working.  In fact we're going to kick you off that service unless you purchase from us a new machine, throw out everything you have and take the change we will not do this again.   However all you windows people with four year old computers running vista.  Just download this and you can work.



I'm replacing my software alright and getting have a new computer.   Toshiba's are nice.  And they run icloud



Goodbye Apple


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