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Hi everyone,


Keynote '09 5.1.1 (1034), QuickTime Player 10.0 (131)


I've got a Keynote presentation that I'd like to have as a movie so it can be shared. I want to utilize the "manual advance" feature that pauses the video when specified and waits for a click to advance the slideshow. But when I export (Share>Export>Quicktime), I have trouble getting the movie to play right.


Without a playback control panel (doesn't appear--and isn't supposed to I gather), after playing around with the magic mouse and keyboard, here's what I get (I can't find an explanation of keyboard shortcuts):


Just clicking the mouse plays the first slide, then stops the show at the end of that first slide. Clicking again does the same thing. It doesn't advance. The slideshow is designed to go automatically to the next slide and does so in Keynote.


Scrolling up can forward the video to the next slide or more, but then clicking just plays the first slide again and stops. Scrolling down goes backward in the same way.


Scrolling left or right while the video is playing lowers or raises the volume.


Hitting the up arrow key plays it backwards, sound and all. Hitting the down arrow plays it forwards.


Only after playing it (not just scrolling it--playing it) backwards--then forwards--will it advance to the next slide and work as I hoped it would, pausing at the right places where a click is needed to advance the movie. I found this by accident, but it works repeatedly, even after closing out QuickTime and opening the movie again.


Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm new to Keynote and don't use QuickTIme for much other than previewing videos. I'm hoping to share this video with many other people who aren't very computer literate, and making many similar videos. I want the other viewers to be able to play the video and just click once in a while (when the video asks them to.)


I would very much appreciate any help.

27" iMac 2.93GHz Intel Core i7, Mac OS X (10.6.4)