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Using a mid 2007 imac running lion 10.7.3. Both printers, HP laserjet p1606dn and Epson artisian 700 worked fine until I tried to setup airprint (couldn't figure that out). Now I can't print anything, not even a test page, from either printer. I receive a print error- "Unable to send printer command!   Unsupported document-format "application/vnd.cups-command". I can scan from the Epson without a problem. I can run utility tasks, clean print heads, run print head alignment etc. but i can't print, HELP please.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I am not sure what you mean by setting up AirPrint, but have you tried deleting and re-adding the printers?

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    Yes, I've deleted the printers (connected through USB), also reset printing system, deleted the printer folders in library/printers/hp (and Epson) shut down and restarted my computer...reinstalled both printers via apple update for the drivers and nothing. I 've done this a few times, I can't even print a test page now.

    I tried seting up AirPrint so I could print from an iPhone and iPad through the home Wi-Fi network. I think I messed that up, too.

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    You shouldn't need to add the vendor drivers if you are using AirPrint (unless you want to scan).  Also, I am not sure the Artisan 700 is AirPrint compatible. It's not listed here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4356. And it shouldn't be necessary to add the printers over USB to see them from your phone. Perhaps the network isn't set up correctly, as you say.

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    I'm not worried about the Airprint at the moment, that's another issues, (and you're probably right, i don't think the network is set up correctly), my real concern is that I can't print from my iMac to either printer, (attached USB) I could a few days ago. My iMac recognizes the printers but won't print, I get the error message- "Unable to send printer command!   Unsupported document-format "application/vnd.cups-command". I am able to scan to the iMac from the Epson (I know it's not airprint capable, the HP is). If I unplug the printer(s) it says they're offline, when I plug them in it says they're online but when I try to print something/anything to either one, nothing happens, well, if I look at the (printer) jobs list, it says under staus, "deleted". I appreaciate your help.

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    Since you are not worried about AirPrint for now, you could try deleting the /Library/Printers/hp, /Library/Printers/EPSON, and /Library/Caches/Epson folders. Then plug the printers in and let Software Update download the drivers. Then try printing a simple document from TextEdit.


    I am not sure what to suggest after this since you have already reset the printing system.

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    Thank you for your help. I've tried deleting the printers and cache- I get nothing except my original error messages. "Unable to send printer command! 'Unsupported document-format' application/vnd.cups-command" and when I go to the jobs list I can see the job I sent to the printer. Nothing prints and it says it was deleted.

    The weird thing is,  when I'm in Parallels, Windows programs on the mac I can print. Everything seems to working ok in Parallels. Not sure what I should do now. Saw some posts about CUPS printing issues.Could something there be my problem? Should I try to "go back" in time machine to when the printers worked? Maybe reinstall/recover something?

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    How are the printers added? USB? What app are you printing from? Happy to try to help, but I am out of ideas.

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    I've added the printers, (connected USB directly to the mac), through system preferences, print & scan..., then updated through software update. They load fine-green lights on both printers-


    Still can't print from any app...but now, after downloading gutenprint 5.2.8-pre1 driver (because I'm desperate) the Epson spit out a self test page but I still can't print a test page, status says deleted. I can actually watch it pop up in the jobs completed list.

    printer test.jpg

    What am I missing?!!!

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    It's all working!!!!! I needed to reinstall the CUPS driver, I must have screwed that up somehow, now it all works. As for the Airprint, I just needed to turn off the firewall. We can now print from our iPhones, iPads, Macbooks!!

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    I believe I'm seeing this same issue but on 10.6.8.  I have gotten the self test page to print (again after trying guttenprint) but still failing to print actual documents.


    How does one go about re-installing the CUPS driver?