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My company bought an iPad for the sales manager.  The IT manager downloaded 3 apps -- Dropbox, Pages and Keynote -- using his appleID before giving the iPad to the sales manager.  I did get the iPad reconfigured so that it uses the sales manager's appleID now, and she has bought a dozen apps with her appleID.  But she cannot update the original 3 apps without the IT manager's password.


Do we have any choices better than deleting the apps and re-purchasing them under the sales manager's appleID? 


(When it first came and popped up asking for an appleID I watched him put his personal appleID in there and said "are you sure you should be doing that?"  I guess the answer is that I'm sure that you should NOT do that!  And at $20, it wasn't the most expensive lesson learned...)


Does anyone have any thoughts about managing the AppStore on a company-owned device with company-owned apps?  The sales manager's appleID is associated with her company credit card.  The device gets passed around the sales people to be used as needed, and we are not interested in giving them all the password to the sales manager's company credit card!