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Somehow my Mac books fail to play all Quicktime movies whenI am accessing them through my browsers.  Sometimes they play just fine.  Other times I get the tranlucent Q.  When I download the clip then the QT player plays them wihtout difficulty.  This began when Apple went from QT 7.  It was not a problem with Tiger or Leopard on my old systems.  It began with Snow Leopard and continues with the Lion upgrade.  The problem persists.  I have Flip4Mac as an application along wiht Pages, Office Suite 2004 then recently upgraded to 2010.  I also use the computer as a server with MAMP as the application.


This is problem that has persisted for two to three years.  I've just worked around it using a nother computer.  Seems now I sould actually fix it.  If amyone knows of an adjustment I can make I would appreciate learning from you regarding this issue.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)