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I just kept getting PLAGUED with apocolyptic  "Make the Switch to iCloud Before it's Too Late!" emails and just switched over.

Only to discover that now my Mac Mail now no longer works.

No, I am not on Lion yet. Is this the reason why? I'm sure it is. I can collect (thank God) my emails on my iPhone, and online through my browser, but it's a pain in the butt, because I can't sort them, answer them, put them into smartboxes, etc. (I got a lot of smart mailboxes.)

Why have I not upgraded to Lion, you wonder?

Because I have a wicked old Quicken program (Quicken for Mac 2004) with ALL my accounting/bank/tax info in it (I'm a sole proprietor) and it will not work when I go to Lion (I can't even import it to the Quicken 2007 for Lion, it's that old, that's like a whole other problem, does anyone know if iBank can import Quicken 2004 data??) This is why I have been putting off this transfer for so long because I don't have hundreds of dollars to buy a new Quicken (or whatever I need) program.

But I thought my Mac Mail would be ok.

But it's not.


If anyone out there can help me with my dilemma(s) with thoughts, answers, suggestions, I would be eternally grateful. And I'd buy you a beer if I could stick it through this bloody machine.


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