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Help. I change my Apple ID and it will not update to my iCloud , how do I change it?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    Welcome to the Apple community.


    If you have changed your Apple ID, you need to delete your iCloud account on your iOS device (settings > iCloud, scroll down and delete account), and then add your iCloud account back using your updated details.

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    Thank you Winston I saw the information on one of your previous notes.

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    Thank You !! I was afraid to delete it but, I did & it worked

    Thanks again

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    What if I'd like to keep my pictures from Photo Stream? I changed the name of my Apple ID associated with my iCloud account and don't want to lose the pictures!  I'm afraid to proceed.

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    i cant deactivate my account...tells me to enter password to turn off find iphone, password is not working because its under the old id

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    Hi ValM12 the same thing is happening to me, how annoying is it I hope we get a solution

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    I've tried to delete the account on my phone, but the old email address still pops up for me to enter the password before turning off "Find my iPhone".  I'm loving the security, but really!  When I go to Apple id on my laptop, it shows my new email address.  This is frustrating!

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    OK. I solved my issue.   Before changing your address on your Apple ID, you MUST be signed out of  iCloud and iTunes on your phone!  If your old email keeps reappearing on your phone  (and is grayed out), you'll have to go to your computer and change address back to the OLD  address.  Then, go back to phone and either (1) sign out or (2) remove the iCloud and/or iTunes apps which are opened  -  (which you'll be prompted to use old email address to verify). Finally, go back to computer and change email address back to the new one.      You'll then be able to set up apps on phone using the changed email address.


    Ugh, it took a while, but it worked!

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    When I scroll down on my iphone I do not get the option to cancel the account