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After a brief outage, my inbox only goes back one week, and my sent folder is empty - or worse, non-existant on my iOS devices (iPad 3, iPhone 4s). Everything is marked unread, nothing is synced... it's a complete disaster. Now, Apple told me it will be two days before a technician can research my issues! Anyone else in the same boat? I'm so aggrevated as I run a business where email is beyond essential.

iCloud, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Same exact isues.  Just got off the phone with Apple support - they are escalting to engineering.  At least that is what they said.

  • TimK Level 2 (230 points)

    I have similar problems. Disaster

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    My mail is messed up on laptop, iPhone, iPad etc..... Can't get it to load at all! ???

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    Yep. Thoroughly frelled. Deeply unimpressed.

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    Same issues here.  Email won't load on macpro, macbook or ipad.  Even webmail is screwed up.

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    Also having the same issues. No email on any devices.

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    Same problem. iCloud status says there's a problem and will be fixed ASAP. No regular update though so no idea what the real status is. Frustrated!

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    Thanks for your posts guys, I'm glad to know it's not just me. I truly rely on my iPhone and iPad for productivty and streamlining all my emails. I just feel disorganized and annoyed all at once. I just want today to be over and everything to be back to normal in the morning. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly. I'm guess the breif outage had some unforseen backlash.

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    I posted in another chain of email, but in case you didn't see it, I'm getting email now. Status update at iCloud still showing system problem, but it hasn't been up dated since about 1900 PDT

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    I am so sick of iCloud and the lack of support that I have recieved from Apple on this issue.  I purchased my computer a year ago and three months later the software was outdated and was told I had to buy Lion to utilize iCloud.  In two more months, I will have to purchase Mountain Lion.  WHAT A RIP OFF APPLE! 


    Every 6mths to 1yr I have to purchase new operating software like a subscription.  I am buying this software so I can use iCloud which doesn't work.  Am I the only one frustrated?  The supervisor at Apple Care told me he couldn't help me out.  UGH!

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    I understand your frustration. But to be honest, I have been with iCloud since before it was iCloud (MobileMe), and this is the first time I've had a problem with it. I say, stick with it and give it a shot. Apple's "Mail" and the iCloud in general is very useful. You just have had a very bad sampling of the service so I know where you're coming from.


    BTW, my mail is back and synced across all platforms (two iMacs, iPad 3, iPhone 4S).

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    I was also with mobilme since the start.  I migrated over to iCloud early just as Apple had requested.  I fell into the Mac trap and have purchased everything Mac.  I converted my family and even my business to Mac.  My iCloud is still down!  I think this may actually be the 5th time since November.  I am done!  I still resent the fact that I have to buy Lion software so that I can effectively use iCloud!  Then in 2 months I can spend more money buying Mountain Lion.  I am now exploring other alternatives to Mac.  I tried nicely to resolve these issues with Apple Customer Care but was met with patronizing sincerity such as "I am sorry you feel that way, or I am sorry that happened to you" but offered no solutions other than the recommendation that I either buy the Lion operating system or the Mountain Lion once it is released.  Ridiculous!  Errrrrrrr!