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For the better part of a year I had two twin Viewsonic monitors set at 1440x900 with my Mac Pro (late 2011) Radeon 5770. One plugged right into the DVI, then another with an Apple Mini-DP to VGA adapter. Everything was fine, and I'm not sure what changed, but now, suddenly, I cannot find the correct resolution in Displays, and it is simply displayed as "VGA Display" and the display is blurry. I have reset the PRAM, reset the settings on the monitor, repaired disk permissions, thrown away some system prefs files I found via Google, and plugged cables in every possible combination (as I have a myriad of such cables), I even have a secondary Mini-Displayport to VGA adapter. All signs point to software. I have the latest update of Mac OS X Lion.  I have even tried SwitchResX to no avail, but to be honest, I didn't spend the hours of time it would take to study monitor technology, refresh rates, hsync, vsync, etc etc...


Can anyone help with a suggestion, I'm going bannanas over here... I have Applecare but I'm sure they'll just tell me fresh to reinstall Mac OS X. (Hrmm sounds like Windows.. Oh yeah, that reminds me... in Bootcamp the monitors work fine.)

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Did you try clicking Detect Displays in the Displays prefernces?  How about a smc reset?

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    I did both. I tried clicking Detect Displays.. forget what exactly happened, but it didn't fix the problem. And I actually did try unplugging the system for 15 seconds (I did 30) and starting it back up...I've tried everything (except fresh OS install)


    I guess I can try fresh installing Lion on a blank HDD (if I can find an extra SATA drive around) and see if that works. That would concrete my theory that this is a software problem, and if it is, I would really hope Apple has a better suggestion than throwing out the entire OS, which is only about a year old. Frustrating...

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    unplug w/o pressing power button (and unplug all cables and devices) does not an SMC Reset make

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    I did press power button? also SMC reset instructions mention nothing about unplugging all cables and devices althought I guess it wouldn't hurt to try again... But if the system has no juice, all it has is the PRAM/clock battery - so SMC reset it DOES make.

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    there have been at least 4 versions how to reset smc and that for mac pro, then tips on G4 MDD and G5


    press oower while unplugged works, and isto drain and clear any power


    use to do so with ram removed also and remove pram battery

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    Tried all kinds of SMC reset. Still didn't fix the problem. I ended up learning how to use SwitchResX. Got the correct resolution now, so it's obviously a problem with OS X. Some prefpane or something. I will probably try to call AppleCare at some point since the displays still don't look as great as they did before. A little frustrated that Apple doesn't pay a couple people to moderate these forums...

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    it is simply displayed as "VGA Display"

    That is how your Display Identified itself to Mac OS X. If the display only provides that as a name, and does not provide its full capabilities, Mac OS X cannot determine its true capabilities and you get an abbreviated set of resolutions to avoid damaging your display.


    As you discovered, you can use a cheater program like SwitchResX.


    There is nothing wrong with your Mac. That is the way it was designed.


    There is nothing wrong with these Forums, either. They have always been User-to-User forums, and Apple never posts here. If you want Apple to help, you need to take your equipment to an Apple Store (free evaluation) or call AppleCare and pay their charges (which they may waive later for certain problems) if you are out of your free phone support period.