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For the better part of a year I had two twin Viewsonic monitors set at 1440x900 with my Mac Pro (late 2011) Radeon 5770. One plugged right into the DVI, then another with an Apple Mini-DP to VGA adapter. Everything was fine, and I'm not sure what changed, but now, suddenly, I cannot find the correct resolution in Displays, and it is simply displayed as "VGA Display" and the display is blurry. I have reset the PRAM, reset the settings on the monitor, repaired disk permissions, thrown away some system prefs files I found via Google, and plugged cables in every possible combination (as I have a myriad of such cables), I even have a secondary Mini-Displayport to VGA adapter. All signs point to software. I have the latest update of Mac OS X Lion.  I have even tried SwitchResX to no avail, but to be honest, I didn't spend the hours of time it would take to study monitor technology, refresh rates, hsync, vsync, etc etc...


Can anyone help with a suggestion, I'm going bannanas over here... I have Applecare but I'm sure they'll just tell me fresh to reinstall Mac OS X. (Hrmm sounds like Windows.. Oh yeah, that reminds me... in Bootcamp the monitors work fine.)

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)