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I need to know how I can download all my SMS's to the computer (Mac) with all the details attached, such who is TO/FROM, Date and time?

I don't think Syncing in Itunes will do that for me.



iPhone 4S
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    You can either take screenshots of your message conversations and email them or you have to purchase and use 3rd party software such as Touch Copy (pc or mac) or PhoneView (mac) to archive the entire conversations.  (ITunes only stores your messages in the backup, which is only there for restoring your phone and does not let you access your messages separately.)

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    If I do backup and then a restore from backup using iOS5, will all of my contacts, photos, and SMS/iMessages still be on my phone? If I understand correctly I will lose apps, but will be able to get them back through iTunes.


    I am just trying to do it all through iTunes as I would like to keep all of my messages. My phone is just acting up a little lately and hoping by doing a restore that might help it.  Any suggestions?

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    Restoring wipes your phone and puts a new copy of the latest iOS on your phone.  You are given the option to create a backup at the beginning (which you should choose), then when it restarts again you go through the activation screens again and are given the option to restore to a previous iTunes backup (which you should choose).  This will restore the data and settings from the backup to your phone, including messages.  However, the backup does not contain iTunes content (music, apps, etc.), which must be synced back to your phone after restoring.  Important steps to take prior to restoring include:

    1. Import your pictures and videos to your computer (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083)
    2. Back up your contacts (either sync them to a supported program such as Outlook, to a cloud service such as iCloud or Google, or use an app like My Contacts Backup (which will back them up as an attachment to an email which you send to yourself and, if necessary, can later be used to re-import your contacts to your phone)

    Follow this guide to restore your phone: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414 (you create the backup at step 6).

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    One more step prior to restoring: sync with iTunes to transfer any recent purchases to your iTunes library so they can be synced back at the end.

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    thanks mate

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    You're welcome.