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    Keep it rolling audionerds-The view count is -well- not depressing but the pitch to Apple is "Why make it hard to find and BUY media"? Follow the link from mmu1253397 and add your feedback. POUND on the idea that this is  a business decision. My feedback post is as follows:


    "The search functions for less popular artists has become dysfunctional. I don't need help finding the most trendy artists on your site and actually wish I could avoid them. That I need to research artists and new releases (Something your now-defunct "Just Added"feature did barely adequately) on an  external site, THEN come to your store to hopefully find and purchase said artists is a poor business model.


    Ideally a searchable database would allow sophisticated customers to find and buy the media they desire would be a great sales tool. The current interface is sadly lacking any but the easiest sales."


    LURKERS:you came here through your search of what happened to "Just Added". Don't just have another helping of Skittles® and sigh. POST TO FEEDBACK and let your concern be known.

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    I just sent this feedback to the afore mentioned feedback link


    There is a growing outcry about the removal of the "Just Added" section of the iTunes Store. Please see this discussion thread:


    Many of your loyal iTunes Store users including myself spend many hundreds and even thousands of dollars based on discovering new and hard to find artists and bands, and the Just Added section is the ONLY way to do this. I have used the iTunes Store for over 10 years to find music and I am well-versed in what resources are available via iTunes Store, and no other method provides a comprehensive source equal to the Just Added section. Matter of fact, it is the only reason I even shop at the iTunes Store.


    That being said, you are in danger of losing quite a few unhappy customers and their money. Please reinstate this section as it was, by genre list  and not by album cover or whatever new improved sorting method Apple deems we will be interested in.


    Thank you for listening.


    Hopefully they will read this thread and other like it and see that it wouldn't take much to reinstate the Just Added section as it was before--and not the latest dysfunctional mess of icon pages which will not let you move back and forth easily.


    Ditto: LURKERS:you came here through your search of what happened to "Just Added". Don't just have another helping of Skittles® and sigh. POST TO FEEDBACK and let your concern be known.

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    Great discussion here everybody. Hope you're sending all your comments to Apple. We won't get anywhere unless we make our concerns known. All in all, I personally have no intentions of looking up stuff on Amazon and buying it in iTunes. If Amazon helps me find it, that's where I'll buy it. Just for the record, iTunes was the absolute best before this change. Amazon can't compare. I'm like so many of you. I've been buying from iTunes since they started and have spent lots of $$$$$ with them.

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    I agree. I will stop patronizing the iTunes Store if they refuse to reinstate the Just Added section. The way it was.


    That's all.



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    I guess I am a Skittle eating audio nerd who stumbled upon this thread because of my internet search for "What happened to the Just Added feature in iTunes?"  I spend a minimum of $250 per month on iTunes music.  The change to the Just Added feature (and associated bug that sent me to page 1 every time I finished with a purchase or a search) last week just about put me over the edge.  This week, I find out that Just Added is gone altogether - Unbelievable.


    I sent in my feedback to Apple Support and I am waiting for a response.  Just added did not even include everything that was added for the week but it had significantly more than New & Noteworthy.  I need both of those features to purchase my music.

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    Thanks to everyone who continues to complain about this "just Added' situation. I also have sent feedback, and am very displeased about Itunes lack of concern about us music buyers who could care less about only the "popular" releases. It makes no sense to me, why any of us should search other sites for obscure releases and then spend our money here, it is just a poor buisness plan for Itunes to think we all won't buy elsewhere!

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    @Bedbugstown: Thanks for taking the Skittles crack as it was intended. Too often we observed things we have a problem with and then move on. My hope was to get some reaction and posts to Feedback

    ( ), especially in looking at the amount of traffic that simply views the thread.


    It's hard to believe the webpage at the store can't fit the link. I'd bet most of us audiophiles were used record store prowlers and remember 13" green monochrome monitors. That said, it WHY I think this is so important. I bought my first Subdudes album in a used record store because they had to be good with a name like that. more recently (much more recently) I found Leningrad Cowboys-Buena Vodka Social Club through Just Added.


    I repeat to Apple, if my eyeballs and websearching already take me to a different site to find the music, you have to work HARDER to bring me back. Their link-to-buy may take me to a competitor, somewhere that didn't jack the 99¢ single 30%, or directly to the artist themselves. We're doing our share to be loyal and honest. Please show some respect.

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    Yes Chezking, You made an excellent analogie, and frankly one I never thought of.

    Used/independent record stores were the only place to find new and interesting music. The big box stores only handled top 40 releases and I never frequented them. Found many rare gems paging through those used record bins.

    There were many independent music stores in town, some would even open and spin new albums for a serious customer to sample. When a store would shy away from getting the harder to find releases it would usually be the end of them and another shop would get their customers.

    I hope Itunes wakes up before we all find the next store.

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    I'm not sure I can completely boycott iTunes because I do like the interface better than other stores, but I plan to drastically reduce my shopping there unless and until Just Added is restored.  I just complained as follows to the Feedback page. This is my third message to them, with no response.


    This is my third and last email about the Just Added section of the iTunes store.    As someone who has spent multiple thousands in the iTunes store and as a professional music critic, I am very upset to learn that the elimination of the Just Added feature on your music site is apparently a business decision.  To me, the virtual experience of shopping online must closely emulate the experience of shopping in a store.  And how do people shop in music stores?  Duh! They browse through the bins!  By eliminating the Just Added section, you have eliminated the ability to browse through all New Releases in your store!  Now customers can only browse the releases you feel we should view.  This ruins the shopping experience for me, and I'm sure for other mass consumers of music.  Consequently, I plan to drastically reduce my buying at the iTunes store and concentrate on other online music resources, until and unless you restore Just Added.  Plenty of sites offer music at far less than $1.29 per song, and they will now get the bulk of my business.  The Just Added feature was the main reason I shopped iTunes.  You've completely turned me off as a customer.

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    I am a music content manager and supervisor in a fortune 500 fashion brand.  Every year for the past 4 years we have used the Just Added feature as our main search tool to listen and click on every single release for every genre.  We literally go through EVERY SINGLE song and artist in every sub genre.  Now that Apple has made this destructive change to their GUI, my sourcing and searching process has been crippled, and I am now relegated to purchasing through Amazon and using allmusic and other text based new release sites to search and purchase my content.  We have spent TENS of thousands of dollars purchasing content through Apple.  This is one of the worst design changes ever, and this was also removed back in 2009, after which I complained and it reappeared.  In my mind, this has crippled the application, and they have lost our business, for the moment, if not completely.  I am disgusted and will be posting in feedback as well.  I know you can verify my purchase history through my account name Apple, so don't play games.

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    Thanks for the excellent and most informative post, tedzeppelin1. I agree with you that our searching process has been crippled and, although the alternative sites are not as good as iTunes was, I tend to do business where I find the music. If Apple wants to lose all of this business from companies and individuals who spend big $$$$$, go figure. It is definitely one of the worst design changes ever and has crippled iTunes in my book. I hope many of you pay attention to tedzeppelin1's post as it puts this change in perspective. iTunes is not only driving away individuals who spend big $$$$$ but corporate customers also.

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    Yeah, this is a huge problem for me.  I'm a Salsa DJ, and a lot of the music in the Latin section in the New and Noteworthy is useless for me.  The Just Added section allowed me to go through each new release, song by song, and pick new songs that may not ever be listed in the New and Noteworthy section. 


    It doesn't even work right, because if I choose sort by release date, pick an album, preview a song and then click back, the albums are no longer organized by release date, and I have to select it again fromt he drop down.  This is horrible UI.  What is Apple thinking?  This section appears to be completely broken. 


    I have written apple twice, and each time I get a boilerplate repsonse that does not address my specific complaint.  I asked in my last email for the person to forward it to a superviser and HAVE THEM COME HERE AND POST to address these specific issues.  Because this is really frustrating me as a music lover

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    Keep it coming everybody. Maybe we'll get their attention and get this thing turned around.

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    This is the kind of heavy hitting we need most. Though everyone frustrated by the change should vote on posts that help illuminate our particular frustrations, when collectors, programmers and other music professionals all agree this is a horrible decision we add credibility that this hurts their business.


    My 2 hour radio show is a genre-free music show specifically playing music from lesser known and legacy artists. On an average week, I'll have about a third of the music from that previous week's debuts-the rest is to give a set some level continuity. But my effort is almost NONE of the music is older than a year. Your favorite music from most any genre and style of the last 100 years is still being played, most of it really well, by new artists, but it's not easy to find. And going to the old big box record store wasn't where you'd find them either. In a digital age, space, inventory and popularity shouldn't be a major factor in how to access and buy the product. Pirate servers appear to have plenty of storage and variety - why can't a massively-capitalized and popular store do the same?


    I also have been an Apple customer and proponent since before Macintosh, been on the board of our local Apple User Group, an investor since the dark days when "Microsoft bought Apple" and worry as never before. Somebody else probably said it before and better, but I once described my business situation as "you can be destroyed by success just as easily as failure". I hope that is not where this is headed

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    This morning I started the tedious process of looking up all the new stuff on by genre and then looking each new album up on iTunes. Most of the stuff was there of course, but you had to find it by doing a power search. Like I said, this is tedious. Prior to the change, all of it would have been in the "Just Added" section. Everybody please email Eddy Cue, a big VP at Apple in charge of sales and marketing at iTunes, at and let him know how you feel about the recent change. I understand from a credible source that this guy is concerned and able to get "Just Added" restored. We just might hear from him.

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