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I've got an iPod classic from 2008, I believe the only year they did JUST the Black and Silver 120G. Got myself a Mac in November, synced up and things were good till a few months later when certain tunes wouldn't play.


Now, I plugged it in to add more songs, ejected it and all 7,000 songs were not found, no photos, or videos, or podcasts. All of it was gone off my iPod. Restored it multiple times and still the same result of no tunes. Now it's not even being read by iTunes or my Mac.


I haven't scrolled the pages to see if there's the same issue yet. I'll have a look. Tried calling Apple but they finished business hrs for the day.


Suggestions are def stoke points.


Cheers guys and gals,



iPod classic, Mac OS X (10.7.3)