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I've created a layout in Pages which includes a "framed" picture. When I position it to the left where I want it located the "frame" disappears and only the rectangular picture shape remains. How do I keep the framed picture?

IWork/Pages, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Can you try that again and describe it better so we can follow along?



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    I've set up a page that includes several pictures for a yearbook. I have 6 pictures across and 5 rows. I'm using one of the frame styles. Pictures 2-6 in the row show the frame, but the first picture just shows the rectangular shape when I have it positioned where I want it. If I click on it and use the right arrow key to move it to the right 3 clicks, it then shows the desired frame shape. But, if I move it from that position back to the left, the first left arrow click it turns back into a rectangle. The same thing is occuring on each of the rows.

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    That particular document could be corrupt. Try opening a new doc and Pasting your content into it and see how the new doc behaves.



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    What version of Pages are you using?


    Any particular template? Word Processing or Layout mode?


    Which frame are you using?


    Are the images floating or inline in the text?


    I have Pages '09 v 4.0 and used the picture frame/photo corners frama and am not getting the problem.



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    I'm not on the same computer right now so not certain of the version, but the frame I was using was the one in the middle of the 3rd row. I tried several different frames, the one with the push pin, photo corners, etc. and the others all seemed to work that I tried, but they weren't the ones I wanted. I'm using page layout mode using a row of pictures, followed by a row of names, with this repeating to fill the page.

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    The Torn Paper frame?


    I have set up a 6 x 5 grid and done what you said but it doesn't change for me.


    btw I would not have done it this way.


    It is much more efficient and accurate to set this up as inline styled Images in a Word Processing document, like the one I recently did for another poster:


    Tim's Icons [US letter].jpg