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I have a suite of apple devices...



iPad 1

iPhone 4

Apple TV 2

Airport express

Time capsule (Internal wireless router and hub)


My iMac, and Apple TV are hard wired, while the other components are wireless.


AirPlay streaming from my phone works fine

Streaming from my iMac works fine

Streaming from the iPad to the Airport express is fine


I cannot get a peep out of teh Apple TV.


Whether I'm playing from the Music app, Spotify or A N other, the Apple TV producses no sound from the iPad as a source.


I have tried...


Rebooting the Apple TV

Rebooting the iPad

resetting the Apple TV to defaults


Still no joy. When I begin playing something on the iPad, the Apple TV shows what I am playing on screen but no audio is output through either the optical or HDMI output. If I play directly from the Apple TV or AirPlay from the iPhone 4 then all works fine.


Can anyone offer any advice?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Many apps don't natively support that audio out to the apple tv, (spotify, pandora, ect) Normally the work around is to get it going with the music app then back out of the music and open the other app (pandora, crackle) and the audio will switch. As far as getting the audio initially try running the music on the ipad then toggle airplay on and skip back to the initial song. At this point if you still have no sound toggle screen mirroring as well all while letting the song run on the ipad.

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    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5209  try it using the airplay mirror and skip the cable - does this resolve your issue?

    Regards, Ct

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    Spotify supports AirPlay natively and has done for a long time.


    I was a doofus - see below

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    The problem was this...


    When playing to your Apple Tv, ensure that the volume control is up so it actually outputs sound! Failure to do this will result in soundlessness and feeling like a bit of an idiot later.


    I despair at myself at times

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    Also try leaving the power cable out of the supply until after all other connections and outpts (e.g. hit play in music app) have been made.  iCloud\itunes sync will also cause an interrupt on ipad outputs - in which case follow Dubxo's advice.


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    AND the people who try to help....toooooooo obvious to even be considered :) oooops.  at least you sorted it, can get to browsing youtube now.  many thanks.  Ct