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I am really hopeing someone can help me.  I use an iPhone 3GS as well as a desktop Mac (10.5.8).  Whenever I sync these two devices, I never had a problem.  I used a wire to do it and it was fine.  Lately, however, I have definitely had problems.  I connect the two devices and though it looks like it's going through the whole syncing process, it never syncs the iPhone calendar with iCal.  This may not be germain, but lately I have also been getting an error message on my Mac that says Microsoft Office synching is not working.  I know that should not concern Apple devised, but it just seems a little too coiincidental to me that right when I have problems syncing Apple products, I get an error message about the syncing of Microsft products.  Can anyone help me?

Desktop, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I too am having the same problem.  I just "upgraded" to iCloud from Mobile Me and now my calendar won't sync from my iPhone to my iCal.  Very frustrating.  I have read many threads but none seem to help.  How can I get my iPhone calendar to sync with iCal?  By the way, nothing syncs in either direction:  That is, when I add something in iCal it doesn't appear on my phone; when I add something on my iPhone, it doesn't appear on iCal.

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    One more thing:  I too am using an iPhone 3Gs.

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    I don't think you'll be able to sync your iCloud calendar with iCal without upgrading to OS X Lion.  The other option is to turn off iCloud syncing (choose to keep your data on your phone), then set up syncing with Google, as described here for you mac:, and here for your phone:

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    I figured it all out! Randers, you definitely helped me even though I was not using iCloud.  I realized I was going to have to find some help on the Apple website and I found it at  Turns out, all I needed to do was reset iSync and this told me how to do it.  It wasn't all perfect as I had to restart my Mac once but after I did that it worked.  Thanks everyone for your help.

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    I am having the same kind of issue.

    I am using iCal on my MacBook Pro OSX lion 10.7.4 and a iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 with iCloud.

    When I create a calendar event on my MBP it syncs instantly to my iPhone but it doesn't work the other way around (fron iPhone to MBP). I did a reset of iSync as told in the last post and I checked my iCloud services in both my iPhone and MacBook Pro. Everything should be in working condition so I don't really understand what's happening.


    Any thoughts?



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    Did anyone else tried this reseting Sync services and did it work?



    I have same problem that the diary schedule on iPhone does not get sync into the Mac after syncing.

    But it did sync from Mac into Iphone.

    This happened after the iCloud set up.


    I am just concerned if it will delete things from the i phone or the mac

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    Near as I can tell, my computer did delete an item from my iphone calendar, before I had a chance to copy it into my ical manually (which is what I've resorted to doing).

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    I have an iMac with OSX with a TrackPad and an iPhone4. I am also not a Mac genius or computer savvy person at all.


    So I had the same question and finally figured it out. There might be a very easy solution which I could not find it  anywhere.


    My scenario was that my iphone calendar synced with my old work's  Outlook  Exchange 2007. On iMac, the Outlook Exchange shows up as the Express version which is not as useful as the regular Outlook Exchange. Figured it is a Microsoft thing but could not do anything about it.


    I left that job and realized that if my access to the Exhange got cut off at some point, my whole calendar would go blank. Tried that by turning off iphone Calendar sync function under Settings and under Exchange. Poof: all calendar items evaporated. So I turned it back on and all of the entries appeared again. This showed me that the calendar items were not save on the iPhone but rather it only acted as medium to access the Outlook. Told you I was not savvy..




    After alot of internet digging and finding a lot of solutions including shipping stuff to iCloud and Google etc etc etc: my my final solution was:


    Go to iCal, and under Preferences: add the Exchange account. You will have to enter your username etc etc.


    All those entries appeared on my iCal, The Exchange items appeared in purple color. Dont know why, but they did. This is helpful later on.


    I went ahead and did a Select All under Edit button.


    Then on the  Trackpad did a two finger click on one of the calendar items (ie right click on a PC) and you see a new menu open up. You see Calendar with a flashmark guiding you to three different colors (blue, green, and shade in between) that represent Work, Home, and Calendar. I picked one color for everything to make it easier.


    You will notice that all items for that month turn color from purple (exhange) to iCal color (blue or the other two). If any of those events are recurring, it will change them all for you as well in the subsequent months.


    But you are not done yet!


    I went thru the calendar month by month for the next 18 months and found items that were still purple since they were not a recurrent item. Those I inidividually changed to the iCal color as above.


    Once you have done all of the above, then go ahead and take away the Exchange account by deleting it in the iCal preferences. Lo and behold, the iCal calendar items stayed!


    Then in iphone, I turned off the sync calendar with Exchange under Settings/Mail etc etc. The entire calendar got erased. It becomes a blank calendar as far as Outlook Exchange items are concerned. For some reason, all my calendar items were OUtlookExchange items and I did not have another independent calendar. You might. Those dont go away.


    Now you have to plug in your phone to iMac and open itunes. Click on the device name in the left hand column and you see a few options on the top and one of them (the second from left) is Info: you click on that and choose calendar sync function.  This will sync your iCal calendar with your iPhone calendar.


    The down is that you have to sync it via this wired way each time in order for you iCal and iPhone all show the same stuff.. Can it be done via Wifi: beats me but having spent hours to come up with the above solution, I am done for the day! That is a battle for the next time I have time..


    I hope this painful but for sure way works for anyone else who has the same problem

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    I solved this problem of iCal not being synced with iphone calender.


    On iphone select settings  and then select icloud. Turn off calender.  When prompted opt to keep rather than delete calender. Then go back to itunes and sync phone in normal way.

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    Thanks! This worked!

  • Mike Hitt Level 1 (0 points)

    You solved my problem using just two sentences!  Amazing!

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    Solved it again...

    Do what Harwoodboyd did, but then re-enable the iCloud sync for the calendars. Will take a few minutes but will resync all the calendars.

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    Harwood Boyd and Ceejay, you were right on!  Worked like a charm!

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    Thanks Harwood Boyd! I ´ve been having headaches for months. Delayed appointments, being late to meeting and so on. So far so good! Thanks you all!

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