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I've imported a lot of photos with the camera connection kit which I'd like to delete. 


I see two ways to do this but neither way is very easy:

1.  I can open the imported photos directory and mark photos individually for deletion - doesn't make sense when I'd like to clear the folder and delete hundreds of photos at once.


2.  I can hoop up the iPad to my computer (Windows) and view the DCIM folder and pick some of the sub folders to clear - but I have lots of folders on my iPad and there is no easy way to figure out which were imported photos and which were not.


I generally import photos for backup and viewing when we're traveling but keep them on my SD card.  Once I get home I copy them from the card to my computer and organize them into folders, sorting and eliminating photos I don't want to keep.  I then put the completed folders back into my iPad via sync but this makes the original imported photos uncessessary. 


Is there any easy what to manage and/or delete the imported photos that would be easier than the steps I identified in 1 and 2 above?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, Windows 7