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I tried to update my apps on my iPad recently and it will not update them all at once. It says "this app is not compatible with this iPad - it requires a front facing camera" when trying to update iMovie. Instead of skipping over it, it does not update any of the apps. IMovie downloaded so I do not understand why it will not update? Unless there is a workaround, I will have to delete it because it is too much of a hassle to update all of my other apps individually.

iPad, iOS 5.1, 16 Gb Wi-Fi only original iPad
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    iMovie iOS was made for devices with cameras, as it was made to edit video shot on those devices.


    For this reason Apple has decided to not allow iMovie to run on iPad1.

    Origonally iMovie iOS coudl not be installed on the iPad1.

    As you have seen though, there is a version that does just install on the iPad (I have it running on my iPad1 too).

    But there will likely not be a way to upgrade.


    There are workarounds, but we are not able to talk in these forums about getting around Apple apps or policy.

    If you are brave you can google it, or just delete the app as you suggest.


    Sorry I can't be of more help, I am in the same boat and it's a bit frustrating.

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    Thank you. I was hoping there might be a way to get the Updates to work for the other apps, without having to update them one-by-one or delete iMovie. Guess I'll have to delete it. I wish the App Store would have indicated this on the original download. Thanks for your help!

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    It does tell you under the requirements.

    iMovie has always not been compatible with the iPad1.

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    I am in the same boat as well. What I find puzzling is that originally yes iMovie was not compatible on iPad 1....but after the recent iOS update it suddenly was and it was advertised as such. Now it seems Apple has reverted back to making it non compatible with iPad 1 but with out any warning to us old iPad 1 users. Such is life I guess.

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    Im sorry, i didnt read any comments for this, so most people already said this but :the original ipad doesnt have a camera, therefore the app is not compatible

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    I deleted iMovie on my iPad I and then the problem with the rest of my apps not updating because of the iPad getting hung up on the fact that iMovie was there went away. That being said, now that Apple is not supporting iOS 6 on the iPad I, Cards will now not update on my iPad I, and many of the newer apps will not work on it either, so it may be time to retire my original iPad. Planned obsolesence. Isn't it grand?