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My Aperture 3 is not letting me delete plugins. I know this does not seem to be a new issue on this forum, but for me it is because I have tried (to the best of my knowledge) to delete these plugins according to several methods listed in the community here. I have gone to library/application support, I have opened the Aperture Package to view plugins . . . that are not even there! I have also used the uninstall that came with the original plugins install. The uninstall goes through the steps and indicates it has removed all files and deleted the plugin. Yet, when I have reopened aperture and even re-booted the program. I can right click on a photo and select "edit with" and the recently deleted plugin will still be avail AND still function.


I am really stumped. Unless I am missing something through your posts about mac terminology going through "finder", "library" and "go" that I am still getting acquainted with I cannot figure out what else to do.


I know I can reinstall Aperture or time machine "back". At this point I think I am more frustrated at not being able to solve htis issue than I am about the plugin problem.


I am fairly new to mac's infrastructure and I would like to learn how to fix this.


Any help is appreciated.



Forgive me if you have to type in "baby-steps"


"Dear Newbie: Click the Apple on your desktop . . ."






OS 10.7.3 & Aperture 3

Macbook Pro intel duo core

Mac book Pro, Mac OS X (10.0.x)