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My Aperture 3 is not letting me delete plugins. I know this does not seem to be a new issue on this forum, but for me it is because I have tried (to the best of my knowledge) to delete these plugins according to several methods listed in the community here. I have gone to library/application support, I have opened the Aperture Package to view plugins . . . that are not even there! I have also used the uninstall that came with the original plugins install. The uninstall goes through the steps and indicates it has removed all files and deleted the plugin. Yet, when I have reopened aperture and even re-booted the program. I can right click on a photo and select "edit with" and the recently deleted plugin will still be avail AND still function.


I am really stumped. Unless I am missing something through your posts about mac terminology going through "finder", "library" and "go" that I am still getting acquainted with I cannot figure out what else to do.


I know I can reinstall Aperture or time machine "back". At this point I think I am more frustrated at not being able to solve htis issue than I am about the plugin problem.


I am fairly new to mac's infrastructure and I would like to learn how to fix this.


Any help is appreciated.



Forgive me if you have to type in "baby-steps"


"Dear Newbie: Click the Apple on your desktop . . ."






OS 10.7.3 & Aperture 3

Macbook Pro intel duo core

Mac book Pro, Mac OS X (10.0.x)
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    Dear Newbie,

    it would help to know which plug-ins you want to uninstall. Then it would be easier to advise you how to search for them.




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    You got it!


    HSC Edit

    Viveza (nik software)

    Silver Efex (nik software)

    Color Efex (nik software)

    Dfine (nik software)

    Sharpener Pro (nik software)


    Now one problem with thes and why I want to delete them is they are the 32 bit version. I want to buy the 64 bit after I clear these out.

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    I don't use any of those plug-ins - sorry.


    But the plug-ins usually should be installed in one of the two libraries used for installation, and from your previous post I gather you already looked in both places:


    • your user library -> Application Support -> Aperture -> Plug-ins
    • your system volume -> Library -> Application Support -> Aperture -> Plug-ins


    To uninstall:

    • Quit Aperture if it is running.
    • Open the libraries in the Finder: (I think you already found those)
      • The system library: click on your system drive icon on your desktop; navigate to the Library folder.
      • Your User Library: Finder -> Go -> Hold down the options key -> click the Library
    • Remove the plug-ins from the Application support -> Plug-ins folder.


    It is weird that your plug-ins still should be working after removing them from the Library. Did you empty the Trash after uninstalling?

    To make Aperture forget the plug-ins, empty the trash and then restart the system to empty all caches.


    Then try again.

    If the plug-ins still appear in the menus, remove the Aperture preferences file from the Preferences folder in the user library, as described here:

    Aperture 3: Troubleshooting Basics: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3805


    Post back, if you need more advice.


    And I hope a Nik-plug-in user will join us here




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    ok, this is a term that throws me off "application support". I do not see a listing for that under finder. only under the library. I only see "application".


    BTW You are the FIRST person to post how to find "library" under "go" by holding down "option". I have been missing taht for a full day. Also the plugins are not listed there.

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    You need to search these folders inside your Libraries and dive down thru the hierarchie of folders:

    To find "Application Support" in your System Library

    • double click the icon of your hard drive to open a Finder window.
    • In the Finder window double click the Library icon
    • You should see a folder named "Application Support" inside the Library.
    • Double click and in the Finder window that opens navigate to "Aperture"
    • Search the Plug-ins folder.


    Do the same for the User Library.




    P.S. I am trying to send a screenshot, but having network trouble ...librarySearch.png

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    This method did it!


    Thank you for sending pictures. Also I appreciate sending step by step directions!




    This is why I am now a "Mac"!

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    You are welcome. My pleasure.