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We laid off an employee but don't have his passcode to reset the ipad to it's factory settings.  Is there anyway I can do this?  I tried following the directions I found:


If you don’t know the passcode to go into the ipad and reset it, you simply need to connect the iPad to iTunes.


Connect your iPad to the USB port on your computer, open iTunes and on the left side of the panel will appear a category for Devices... select the iPad. The summary window will have the information on the iPad and below that the choice for Restore. Select Restore, and you will have to do some confirming usually, and the system will go to work restoring the iPad to the factory settings.


But it says it won't connect to iTunes until I enter the passcode:  "iTunes could not connect to the iPad ****** because it is locked with a passcode.  You must enter your passcode on the iPad before it can be used with iTunes."


Any ideas?



Reply by varjak paw on May 3, 2012 2:12 PM Helpful

Put the iPad into Recovery Mode and then try the Restore again:




If that still doesn't work, as a last resort try DFU mode:





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