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Perhaps I want to tell someone to check the specific point in an event, like 22:08 into the event or from marker 1234 to 5678.  What markers does iMovie use?


Maybe I have 20 favorite clips in an Event and I want to reference a specific one. 


When playing back a YouTube video I can say, Go to the 2:38 mark.   With an event, what time stamp can I reference?

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    Event clips have a time code based on the time of day you shot the clip. Clips are listed in the event in chronological order. So you you want to point somebody to the action that tool place on March 23 at 10:03:45, you can.


    Click VIEW/Playhead Info. Now as you skim your mouse over the event clips, you will see the date and time info.


    This works on clips shot by a digital camera. If you have clips shot by older analog cameras like VHS or 8MM, you need to take some additional steps. Let me know if you need this.

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    Yes, that helps a lot but odd that the info shows only when scrolling across the clips.  I'd like it to display during playback mode (the mode that plays back in real time using the space bar to start and stop).  Any ideas on that one?  Thanks so much. 

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    You might like Final Cut Pro X, which has good displays of Time Codes, and is meant for professionals who may have multiple people involved in the editing decisions.


    With FCPX, you can not only view the time codes, you can type them in and go there.