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My computer broke a few months ago, it had all 6000 songs that i had downloaded from CD's and songs people had sent me of their recordings etc etc.

It had my full library on and i know apple updates every time you plug your ipod in and so any changes to the library will also be made to the ipod.


I then found out you can add songs using a different computer without the ipod wanting to update to only a few songs using the new library. Very happy all 6000 songs still on there and could easily update with new music without losing all the old stuff.


Today 03.05.2012 i have just tried to add a few songs, the itunes wanted to update to the most recent update, fine, clicked okay then next minuite my ipod lights up and it also says its updating.


Message "You ipod has now been reverted back to factory settings"


Great, lost all my music, pictures, videos and apps.


And Apple don't have an email address for complaints.


I wish the update had been clearer before i accepted it, stating "WOULD REVERT YOUR IPOD BACK TO FACTORY SETTINGS" even with someone with a full library of 10,000 songs that would have taken a very long time to update.


So thanks Apple thanks a bunch.

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 5.1