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I used to be able to (ethernet) network my MBP and my PowerMac8500, but with the new OSX10.7.3, I am now getting the error on the 8500 that the afp protocols are incompatable.  I also cannot see the 8500 on my MBP anymore.

I've just found some ZIP discs and I need to transfer that data to my MBP as soon as possible.

Any ideas?

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    Unless someone else can provide you with a workaround for this, could you not try an FTP server (such as the now free NetPresenz) on the Power Macintosh 8500, at least as a temporary solution? It should then be possible to connect to the old machine from a dedicated FTP client or a web browser.



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    I'm not sure how I would be able to hook up the 8500 or even transfer the program to it.


    I should add that the 8500 has been in storage for the last 11 years and not used (or updated) since then.


    Something just occured to me: I have a Time Capsule....I wonder if I can hook up the 8500 to it and make it available on the Time Capsule's WLAN network....has anyone tried this?


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    For any software transfers to the old machine, a CD-R could be one solution. I assume that you do not have access to a USB floppy drive; otherwise that would have made transfers of smaller files possible in both directions.


    Using something like a NetPresenz FTP server (or possibly Web Sharing, which was part of some early operating systems) on the old machine may be one way of avoiding problems involving incompatibilities. With TCP/IP correctly configured, you should be able to establish a connection via an Ethernet switch (for example, the Ethernet LAN ports of a wireless router). You could also access the Internet from the old computer over the wired Ethernet connection to a router, and handle file transfers that way (such as through email attachments).


    Handling things over Wi-Fi is an only an alternative to a wired connection. An AirPort card cannot be installed in the Power Macintosh 8500. USB wireless adapters do require special driver software (typically, needing Mac OS X 10.3 or higher). The only practical way would be to connect a wireless Ethernet bridge (sometimes known as a gaming adapter). No drivers needed for these, which allows them to work under an older operating system. With (for instance) a WET610 from Linksys or a WNCE2001 from Netgear, you could connect wirelessly to your existing base station.


    BTW, it is probably wise to check the internal battery on the 8500, since it has been in storage for a long time.