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I've been having some problems syncing my Ipod up with my Itunes.  The last time I had a successful sync up was probably 2 and a half weeks ago.  I've tried multiple solutions already but havne't had any success yet.  I tried reinstalling itunes, switching usb ports, resetting my ipod by holding in the center and top button, launching itunes in safe mode, switching computers to see if it will install on my PC instead of my laptop, and I have tried switching USB cables.


Everytime I try to sync it up the same thing happens.  On the Ipod's screen it will read "Connected Eject Before Disconnecting", however on my computers screen it will not appear under devices.  I opened up My Computer to see if I can at least see it there and my Ipod does appear there for about 20 seconds and then it will disapear.  It's as if the Ipod disconects itself....however it continues to receive electricity from the computer cause I can see it charging.


Has anyone had this problem and knows of a way to fix it?

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    I just found out now that my ipod will not play any of the songs that is on it now.  Not sure if this helps narrow things down, but still looking for possible solutions if anyone has them.

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    I was having the same problem and found an answer that seemed to work....


    Try forcing the ipod into diskmode.

    Hold down the menu and middle button till you see the apple logo. Then hold down the middle button and the play button. You should get a check mark on the screen.

    Connect to computer and try to restore it.


    Good luck!!

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    one more thing... once you're finished and you want to get your ipod out of disk mode...


    1. Hold down the center button along with the menu button and then your ipod will turn of
    2. After that step has been completed and your ipod is switched off you turn your ipod back on but press the play/pause button so that it switches from disc mode to non-disc mode.
    3. Well then your ipod is back to shape and you can carry on listining to your music!