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Apple TV is not seen by my iPad or computer.  Also it keeps disconnecting when I watch movies or listen to music.  I bought a brand new wireless router thinking it was the source of the problem but it wasn't.  I can watch movies on Netflix but no content from iPad or computer.  It happens frequently and usually turning home sharing on and off on my computer will fix it.  But not today...

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    think my trail of troubleshooting would lead me to a friends house and try to set it up with their network setup

    and if that did not work I would write it of as a hardware defect and return it

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    I had the exact same problem.  At first I thought it was a bad wifi modem from Charter.  So, I switched it out for a modem that was not wifi capable.  And purchased the Time Capsule for my wireless router.  When I hooked it up, only the computer could get on the wireless network.  The apple tv, iphone, and ipad could see the wifi but could not join.  So I went from bad to worse.  I got apple on the phone and together we figured out that the IP address from Charter was not a good IP address (160 IP address).  It was only allowing one device onto the network at a time.  I then called Charter and had them refresh the system to get a different IP address( a 25 IP address) and it works perfectly now.  Hope this helps.