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I am using FCE4.0.1 with Snow Leopard and am having problems getting Print to Video to work. Sometimes it does, then it doesn''t. I open a Project (.fcp) and make sure all is Rendered and the Settings are at 100%. I then go Print to Video, and having set In and Out points at the 1st frame and last frame of the Timeline, I set things, in the Media panel of the Print to Video window, so my Hi Def Sony 700e Video Recorder will start automatically - and I set things so it will play the Time line from the In to Out. Then the Transcoding starts and at the magical moment the 700e automatically starts to record but the Playhead on the Project does't move and the Transcode panel tell me my 3 minute Project will take 26 minutes to do it's stuff. Yet on occasions things have just woked perfectly. If I do not evoke this Print to Video my Time line plays perfectly but I'm wortking in Hi Def AIC so Print to Video is the only way to get the project back to tape as a Hi Def Project.


Question Two: From the .fcp FCE project, I always make a self contained .mov file and from that via MPEG Streamclip an mp4 file. Can I simple drag either of these to a 32Gb Flash Drive and have them play OK through a Media Player? I tried to play these Flash Card projects through my iMac - but they  don't run smoothly




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    Are you trying to Print to Tape an  HDV Timeline?

    Do you know the Sequence settings?



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    Q 2.  I don't know what you mean by a .mov file as it could be numerous things.


    As for the mp4, as long as it is H.264 with AAC audio you should be able to put it on a flash thumbstick or USB 2.0  hard drive and have it play in a media player similar to the WD TV HD.

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    Hi Al,


    Yes I am trying to Print to Tape, a Timeline which is Hi Def. I've done this several times but then I get times when it just doesn't do what it should. Sequence setting (I hope I understand what you mean)...Apple Intermediate Codec 1440x1080i50. The renders are set to 100% frame rate &100%resolution. Frame Blending is ON, Filters is ON



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    That's an HDV PAL Sequence.

    Sounds like FCE is OK.

    There are in/out settings on the Sony 700  that also need to be checked for incoming HDV.

    HDV/DV set to HDV and iLink Conversion switched to OFF.


    There is a delay while FCE prepares the export to tape but it sounds exessive in your case.

    BTW: You don't need in/out points if the whole Timeline is being sent.



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    Hi Al,


    Many thanks for your input. I did check my iLink on the 700e menu and it is set to OFF. I also checked to see my

    "format" was HDV which it wasn't (it was on Auto, though) so I changed it to HDV. Then I did away with the IN and OUT points and set the settings in the Print to Video window to "Play all Media". So then I rendered all and checked the Settings - and evoked Print to Video (I also set the 700e so I had to start it when asked - earlier it was on 'auto, start'.) So after transcoding to HDV (this movie is really short ....4.5 minutes) it tells me tranferring will take 43 minutes. Yikes!


    So I'll mess around disconnect everything I can, Shut Down, Start Up, and try again. But thanks for your input.


    James B


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    May be not relevant - as I only use miniDV and SD-video


    • Got problems with "Print back to Tape"


    • Camera connected via FW

    • Picture in Camera LCD-screen OK

    • I just set Playhead in TimeLine to Start

    • New tape in Camera

    • Record on Camera - and Play in FinalCut


    Yes this plain way I got a recording to tape as backup.


    (but no count down and color chart at start)


    Yours Bengt W

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    Hi Bengt


    HDV is a different kettle of fish - it also uses the so called Mini DV tape but otherwise is quite different from SD video. With SD everything is just fine, with Hi Def we're into different Codec for recording and different Codec for editing. A whole lot of transcoding has to go on before one can transfer the footage back to tape and stay in Hi Def. So - you are right in what you say so long as you aren't in Hi Def. In SD - it's a breeze - I often wish I'd stayed with it! But then - I'm old!


    Thanks for your answer, though