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The file is a regular mp4 movie file at 36.7MB. I don't understand the issue here? All the other files import just fine. The movie plays on my computer just fine, it uploads to facebook and other sites just fine. I just want to use some of the footage for my reel. Why won't it import to final cut? What am i doing wrong? How can i fix this? it must be a setting or maybe i have to change the file type. If so, whats the step by step process on that? Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    well first off you shouldnt be using mp4s to edit with. Its a delivery format rather than an editing one. However it should still load I think. Did you copy it from a removable device? Maybe it is locked and you dont have permissions to use it. Single click the file and prss apple-I to get the info window up to see if your user has write permissions.





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    Mp4s are the only files i have to edit with. I only have copies of the final projects on a dvd and i have to rip them from that to upload them and edit them together. Is there a way to change the format? What format should I be using? When I get the copies of the films should I ask for a particular format that they can give me? And if so, what is that? i use handbrake to rip the dvd. Maybe i can change the format there?


    I opened the infomation window (thank you for that info by the way) and it says my user has read & write permissions and its not locked or anything. Any other thoughts?