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My new mac mini (2011 i5 2 months old)  Makes intermittent audio buzzing out the analog jack, if I play a sound source or move the volume slider it goes away temporarily and then comes back, as soon as I play a sound source it goes away.  If sound output stops for more than a minute or two it starts again.  I am using a power conditioner and an audio cable that has transformers that elimoiate ground loop hum.  This is clearly an intermittent thing....  This makes it useless as a media player which is what I purchased it for.  Its now very noisy in my otherwise peaceful living room, and the only way to fix it is to get this thing working correctly.,



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    HI, what else do you have plugged into it, it sure sounds likea ground loop somewhere!?

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    Have you tried another cable?  Also, are you sure it is plugged in

    all the way?   Mine is pretty stiff and requires a suprisingly

    signifigant amount of force for it to be fully seated.   There is

    a point where it seems like it is connectected, but requires

    an additional push to fully seat it.