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I bought an iPad 3 online a couple of weeks ago and I had the photosync issue that many have had, but I also had an issue that if I deleted any data (photos or videos etc) it didn't delete the data and just shifted it into "other". If I did a soft reset then the memory freed up. The screen also had a brownish colour to it so I took it back.

The 2nd iPad had no sync issues, but had a brown screen again, making the whites look sepia (see my other thread). So this went back too.

Onto my 3rd iPad and at first everything seemed great. The screen was/is superb and I didn't have any sync/memory issues until last night. The first thing that happened was that the iPad would crach and disconnect from the server when downloading/updating apps. This also caused safari to stop working, and any apps that needed internet/wificonnection. It's not the same wifi issue as a lot of people are getting as the actual wifi connection was strong, it just wouldn't connect to the servers. I've since discovered that it only happens when downloading/updating large apps. The ones I've had trouble with have been 200+MB. Ones under 10MB have no issue at all.

Then this morning I've connected the iPad to iTunes and the memory is virtually full with nearly 2GB being taken up by other again. I deleted all content off my iPAd and did a soft reset but it still showed nearly 2GB data taken up by other. I did a full restore which got rid of the data in other, but as soon as I restored from backup the data in other was back again.

I'm going to try doing a full restore again but this time setting up as a new device and see how I get on (I didn't have time this morning as had to get to work). Needless to say I'm so disappointed. I've got a feeling that I'm going to have to take this iPad back too but I'm very reluctant to as I don't want to have a bad screen again. The screen is very important to me, and in fact is why I didn't buy the iPad 2 and been waiting 18 months for a retina display. I'm a big apple fan, and have the iphone, Macbook pro and Ipod nano too, but this has really put me off the iPad :-(

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)