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I have been searching for an answer to this but have yet to find a suitable answer. I have some screenshots which I would like to paste directly into an outgoing mail message. I am NOT talking about adding it as an attachment, and am NOT talking about simply adding an icon within the message which the recipient must then click on in order to open up and see the screenshot. What I am talking about is PASTING the screenshot/picture directly into the body of the mail so that the recipient can see it right away the same way it can be done in Outlook.

Sorry if I sound a bit rude or frustrated, but I have been searching for a solution for quite a while now, and have also noticed that many other people have the same problem, yet every answer I have seen up to this point completely misses the mark by explaining how to add an icon (which needs to be clicked to be seen) within the mail rather than answering how the image can be shown in the message itself.


Thank you.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Why not just drag the picture file into the mail message at the point you want to insert it?

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    Here's a sample Mail.app message with a picture inserted. 



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    Or, Control-click the picture; Copy.

    Paste into email.

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    Anything in an email message that is not text must be sent as an attachment. That is just the way email works. Doing it any other way would be incompatible with email protocols. Some email programs will display the content of some attachments so that you might not even recognize that they are attachments. What the recipient sees will depend on how his program handles attachments, and it might be different from what you see. If you want to use email you have to live with those differences.

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    Agree - it's just that  has provided a multiplicity of ways

    to attach.

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    Jeffrey, that is mostly correct, but not entirely accurate.


    Yes, anything that is not text must technically be "attached" to the email; however, html-formatted messages does provide the ability to embed attached images inside the text.


    HTML-formatted messages, which is supported in most of the email world, should be supported by Mail.app, but I'm not 100% if sure if it is. I have a plugin called "Attachment Tamer" installed in my Mail app and—whether it's due to Mail.app or the Attachment Tamer plugin—I am thankfully able to embed pictures the way any good mail program should.


    Frank, if you are still unable to, I would suggest: (1) checking to be sure that your message is in Rich Text format and not Plain Text format (the latter would never support any embedded images on any platform); and, if it is indeed Rich Text format and still not working, then download the "Attachment Tamer" trial and go through the few easy-to-understand settings, and then try again.


    It works for me.

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    the screen shot is saved on your desktop


    Drag the icon of the screen shot into the body of your email


    This will allow it to show up exactly as the screen shot was take.


    Simple and Easy and possible. You are exactly right.

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    There is no way to do this on a Mac. Mac people here will tell you differently, but that's because they don't know exactly what you're trying to do and think it' something else, something a Mac CAN do. But the process you're describing is unique to PC--I use it all the time--and yes, you can send things other than attachments and it's not "against email protocol." But a Mac can't do it, sadly.

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    Mac OS X

    Zorro, I'm not sure why you're responding to a 3+ year old thread, but since you did, I'll join the party.


    There is no way to do this on a Mac


    You are actually not quite right here. This is not a "Mac can't do it", or "PC-only" thing. It's up to the mail client in question as to whether is displays images inline or not.


    In Mail.app, you can ctrl-click on any image attachment and choose whether to 'View As Icon' or 'View In Place', but there are no standards for this - if you say View In Place, you'll see the image inline on your system, but whether the recipient see it that way depends on their mail client (NOT their OS).

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    That isn't what I'm trying to do, however.