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How To reset iPad without having it synced to a computer and not knowing the password????  I changed my password and have forgotten it is there any way I can access and get on it??? Thanks

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    I managed to reset my iPad2 by simultaneously pressing two keys (Sleep/Wake & Home) for 10 seconds or more. See the Appendix in the iPad User Manual).  Then I entered the correct AppleID and password into the iCloud Settings.

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    Davd23 wrote:


    I entered the correct AppleID and password into the iCloud Settings.

    The OP does not know the password. How will this solution work for him?

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    You must use a computer. There is no way around it for you.


    You have to restore the device within iTunes. You can restore with any other computer, but you will lose everything on the iPad. You will have to download all of your purchased content again after you unlock the device.

    You will have to use recovery mode

    iPad: Unable to update or restore

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    Actually yes you can


    #1 go to settings

    #2 go to general settings

    #3 go to reset at the very bottom

    #4 select Reset all content and settings


    Not a complete restore but it removes everthing and puts it back to factory settings

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    You do realize that you are responding to a post that is well over one year old?


    You do realize that if the OP forgot his passcode and cannot get into his iPad your solution will not work? How can you possibly get into the iPad settings if you cannot get into the iPad at all?