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i have 2 iphone 4 with two diffrent simcard i activate the device with i message and face time when i buy the device at v5.01 and update to v 5.1 and i message and the face time  work one day i deactivate it  when i re activate again it is till on (waiting for activation) i try al the way u write change time dfu mode and restor original setting all the method and it is keep this message i change the sim card to other operator with diffrent number  it is work perfictly even if i deactivate or avtivate many time when i take back my old sim card it is keep the same message  when i use my apple ID it is ok but i notice it is try to verfied the other operator number i check my number it is ok and try to edit it and write it again?

for the other iphone  it has the same problem but with (unknown)in my number i try to modified but i can not change my number i check the face time and i message with apple id it is ok and try to verfied the correct number but still wait for activation

so is this  problem realted to simcard i mean som operator sim card have this problem with IPHONE  V5.1 in this case that some oprator can use the imessage and face time?


sorry for long talking but have this problem since one week

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1
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    Ever here of punctuation, sentence structure? I gave up trying to understand your post after the first two lines.

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    sorry i was trying to write all of this by my phone i will write in simple way

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    sorry for my first post i just write my problem again :


    i bought two iphone4 with IOS5.01 , and the Imessage and facetime work normally with out any problem , and i update to IOS5.1 and also the i message and face time work normally for some issue i turn off the face time and imessage then when i try to turn on again it show (waiting for activation) i try all the way

    1- turn on and off

    2- reset everything to defult

    3- recover IOS again

    4- check my Number and delet and write again

    5-checking the time and region

    but all these way not work for me ,i try to insert another simcard for another operator with diffrent number the i message and face time work normally when i try to  insert my old sim card back the i message and facetime   is (waiting for activation)

    i try to activate  the i message and facetime using apple ID it is activated normally but it show in the facetime setting  my apple ID and trying to veirfied with another numbernot my own number i also try all the steps above but not work


    the other iphone has the same issue with imessage and facetime and also it show (unknown) in my number and i can not edit it


    so my qustion is that issue is related with simcard and operator ? mean some operator not support imessage and face time?