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My wonderful Powerbook 13" still runs great...but I was sooooo stupid.


I read on a Mac blog online somewhere about a service software called "Monolingual" that is supposed to remove all the foreign languages from your computers EVERYTHING...from the computer itself, from the programs on it.  I think it even removes languages like Klingon and Pig Latin.


I am no a novice with the computer...I was extremely careful not to remove english and I didn't use it to remove anything from the keyboard.  I was careful.


It ran a long, long time and freed up about 2 gigs of space.


Everything seemed to be running great.  I presumed I had no problems.


Until I needed to retrieve a file off a document disk that I had used many times.


My machine erased the disk. 


I put in another disk of files that I didn't need anymore.


My machine erased that disk too.


It has not erased some disks that were full of jpegs.  But it has erased any disk that I inserted that had documents or installers on it.


I ran disk utility, and there is some HD damage that needs repair that the disk utility couldn't repair.


I fear putting in my restore/install disks!  God forbid what might happen to them.


I did have the installer for OS 10.4.11 ( which is the highest I can go on this machine)  I had it on my peripheral hard drive, so I ran that, HOPING that it might throw in the vital files that are missing from WHERE???????  It didn't help the problem at all.  It erased yet another disk. 


I have only a few disks to risk erasing.


I do not know what to do. 


I've already cried and have lost a lot of sleep over this.


I'm in no position to be able to buy a new computer this YEAR. 



PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I've used monolingual on a number of systems. It's a one pass program, that if you don't choose your options carefully, can get you into trouble. However, you chose some version of the Queen's English, so that should be OK.


    What's not clear is .... what disks are you talking about? Are you swapping in hard drives? external hard drives? CD/DVDs? or ? Do you have a bootable external hard drive? Or the original Tiger 10.4 DVD's?  If you boot the system holding the alt/option key down, and choose to boot from DVD or an external hard drive, I can't imagine what could cause anything to erase automatically. You'll need to step through what you're doing, because this is a very odd situation. 


    You can probably run Leopard 10.5 on your PowerBook, which is the operating system after Tiger 10.4, unless you need the OS X classic environment, but that's not your issue today.