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This is driving me nuts. I'm fairly new to the whole Apple world but I am really hating this iTunes crap. I just want to transfer some music NOT ALL OF IT or maybe just a few tracks NOT WHOLE ALBUMS but no. not an option. plus I have to fill up GIGS on my Laptop for stupid apps that do nothing on my computer but eat space. Deleting them after EVERY SYNC so my computer can actually work. Why does it even have to Sync anyways?! why can't I just click and drag music, apps, movies, etc. or just get the bloody update! I feel like i'm wiping my phone/pod/pad and refilling it EVERY TIME! I am really hating this system! I for one will NEVER buy a Mac computer if they work in anyway the same way.


Why can't I transfer a single song?! I don't understand! Why do I have to Sync so often?! I DON'T WANT MY COMPUTER FILLED WITH ALL THIS GARBAGE DAMMIT seriuosly why the **** is this so complex?!


I love my iPhone and have no desire to ever buy an alternative smart phone but I'm on the brink of insanity just trying to transfer ONE SINGULAR SONG to my phone without it SYNCING GIGS of APPS and other such garbage.


Simplicty. In todays day and age things are simple and easily understood. I am so fustrated with this system. If no options exist I'm done with iTunes.

Disgruntled and agitated
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    Then do not use it... it really is not that complicated.


    Have you read the User's Guide?  That may answer a lot of the questions that you have and make things seem more logical.  It is possible to manually manage content on the device, although personally I think that's a silly, pointless, and time consuming option.

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    You might also find the various tutorials and support articles helpful:



    particularly those on synching:



    By the way, there is no one in these forums other than we your fellow users, so ranting, while it might make you feel a bit better, really doesn't help matters.



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    TheyCallMeShine wrote:


    I just want to transfer some music NOT ALL OF IT or maybe just a few tracks NOT WHOLE ALBUMS but no. not an option.

    Not true!

    TheyCallMeShine wrote:


    plus I have to fill up GIGS on my Laptop for stupid apps that do nothing on my computer but eat space.

    Again, not true!


    First of all, if you don't want a song on an album to be in your iTunes, then don't import it. If you want it in your iTunes, but not on your ipod, then either:

    • un-tick the song in iTunes (and then set your iPod to Sync only ticked songs and videos) or,
    • make Playlists of the stuff you want on your iPod and then Sync only selected Playlists.


    As for the Apps; GIGS is not really true - is it? It's a bit of space. If I recall correctly, an 8GB iPod Touch has approximately 6.8GB available for use. So 1.2GB is taken up by both the operating system and the built-in Apps. So not GIGS in plural, is it? And therefore, the amount of space "eaten" on your laptop is...


    And you can drop the unused Apps into a folder, so that you have one icon (for the folder) on the iPhone's Homepage.


    TheyCallMeShine wrote:


    ...  Deleting them after EVERY SYNC so my computer can actually work. ...

    I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Anyone else?


    TheyCallMeShine wrote:

    Why does it even have to Sync anyways?! why can't I just click and drag music, apps, movies, etc. or just get the bloody update!

    Because that's the way Apple have designed it - and frankly, I like it. But then, I know what I'm doing.


    So far, you're not living up to the name you've given yourself and I can imagine what your reaction to my post is going to be.


    Prove me wrong.

    Take a step backwards and learn how to use iTunes instead of trying to use it the same way as your last phone or MP3 player.


    I agree with vdub, I can't see the point in manually managing your iPhone or iPod when iTunes is such a good and well thought out programme, designed to work with the iPhone and iPod. Presumably, this one song that you wish to transfer to your iPod is one you've just bought. If you set up your iTunes properly, you could do just that. You're the one making it complicated.



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    I have to agree with TheyCallMeShine on this. I almost shared his same sentiments. I went through the same issue trying to put a couple different picture albums on my Fiancee's iPad and it was truly frustrating having to re-learn what should be a fundamental and pretty standard way to use a file system.


    I eventually figured it out, but it was really annoying getting to that point. Many of Apple's products are intuitive and I think that is great. However their content management software (eg. iTunes) seems to lack the intuitive nature I desire. I write this from the perspective of being an Electrical Engineer who spends most his day twiddling around inside a Linux terminal . I'm fine with searching around to find solutions for complex problems, but I like to keep the simple things simple, and basic file management is one of them.

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    chriscw01 wrote:


    I have to agree with TheyCallMeShine on this.

    So, presumably then, you haven't looked at any of the links put forward by diesel vdub or varjak paw, or done as I suggested, which is "learn how to use iTunes"?


    You also haven't gathered from the points we've made, that maybe, just maybe, it really isn't that difficult, and that you only need to ask how to do something instread of whinging that it can't be done!


    Every day, we all need to learn new ways, methods and procedures for doing things in this rapidly changing world. As an Electrical Engineer, you should know that.


    So, to your issue, even though you say you've sorted it. (I'll detail it here, for the benefit of others who may come across this thread and wonder what the answer to your issue is.)

    When you connect the iPad to your iTunes Library, look on the device which, if you're using the new view in iTunes 11, will show up in the top right of the iTunes window;



    and then look on the Photos pane and choose the options you want;



    (Both these screenshots were originally used for a reply to a very similar question.)

    I still have my set up as it was before iTunes 11, when you could only choose one folder. So I simply nest the picture folders I want into one parent folder.


    Basic file management.


    Now - it was obvious that TheyCallMeShine was unlikely to reply to us, I said as much at the time. Are you going to be equally rude, or are you going to come back and say; "good point, you're right. So can I now ask how to do so and so?"


    Your choice.

  • TheyCallMeShine Level 1 (0 points)

    "good point, you're right. So can I now ask how to do so and so?"

    No no. Your right. I'm just stubborn and didn't want to learn the Mac Way.

    A click and a drag and suddenly I was doing it all just fine.

    I'm just going to pretend that it was an update on the iTunes. place winking emoticon here


    Anyways. Mr. "The Fiend" if'n that is your real name, the only reason I didn't respond to your original reply was the rather venomous way you worded it.


    I Don't know Mac and a fanboy response didn't help matters.

    TheFiend - At least YOU are living up to your name.


    As for the Deleting stuff after every sync... Well I had the stuff set to auto download on EVERYTHING! AUGH it ate up all of my harddive space. All Songs All Apps were auto downloading on my computer as well as ipad and iphone and ipod.


    All I'm doing is dragging files to the ipod button. I'm not syncing anything because I don't like blasting everything there all at once over and over. When I get new music I just wanna drop it on. And now through my own playing with it have figured it out. Why should I have to make a new playlist when I wanna just plop and album I didn't buy through itunes onto the device.


    But anyways I've lost the complaints that originally started this topic. I've just simply turned all the options off and click and drag.


    The only real complaint I have is not being able to modify/delete/whatever the music on the fly. That's just kinda wierd. I'd understand it with an older MP3 player but on the current tech it's kinda clunky. Probably just with how the data's compiled or some confusing tech jargon.


    So. Mr the fiend. Ease up on the venom, bro. Just cause I prefer windows over mac and don't know my way around a hipster jargon Mac app like itunes don't snap like you did!


    I was obviously mad when I posted this. I thought this was a help forum run by Apple. I'm shocked that they have no presence here. I find Mac Crap over complicated Hipster Drivel. If'n my post irked you, tough. Deal with it. Glad to see you were the "better man" and ignore the post completly. Sorry if I offended your elitest iEgo that seems to come with the Mac crowd.


    And why does things in the tech world need to keep changing? Sure. From a development side definetly. But from a user interface. No. Simplicity is key.


    So. Bam. There. I responded. You called me out. You Win. Happy. Fine. Whatever. I'll keep clicking and dragging in a simple way. Doing my simple PC things. And you slurp your tall latte and whine about the whining.


    So no hard feelings Mr. The Fiend (yeah after your immature response to my   whining, crying post following this childish backlash)

    I await your reply.


    I assume you'll take this as a light hearted joke. I mean none of it literally or to be spitefull. I just find the service clunky and your response hilarious so I felt like should respond. Like, it was my duty as an annoying Annon from the bowels of the interenet just like you.


    In conclusion,


    Oh Snap! No He Di' int! Oh yes, Mr. The Fiend, I totaly just went "there."


    *circle snap*

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    At one time, Mac users never RTFM.  Most software was that good; intuitively that is.


    IMHO, itunes is a total mess from when I bought the original from Cassidy Green. I just replaced itunes 11 and went back to 10 and voted at the feedback page fwiw.


    I'm really tired of being force fed new ways to do the same old stuff.  A simple drag and drop should all you ever have to do to add music.  However with all the new features to make the software cool has, once again, forced us to RTFM!

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    Just my personal opinion, but "drag and drop" is the most convoluted and idiotic way to manage content on the device.  There is no way to easily remove media or know at a glance what is on the device.  Again, my opinion.


    Selecting the media desired to be synced is the simplest way and requires the least effort on my part.  A few minutes to set up a smart playlist that automatically adds new podcast, music, videos, etc to the appropriate playlist which is defaulted to sync to my device.  No need to do anything on my part but plug in the device and let it auto sync.


    Why would I want to constantly find the new content in my library and drag that content to the device everytime I simply want to add a song?  It takes the same amount of time either way, but for me, syncing is the simpler solution.


    I'm baffled that so many "techies" and "non-techies" seem to find syncing so complicated.


    No, I'm not a Mac user and have never read and User Guides for iTunes cover to cover, I've only ever searched for solutions to my issues.  Amazing how a little effort on the users part can solve many issues

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    You know what they say about opinions, right?


    You jump to many conclusions, no?  Where was anything said that sync was hard or worthless? What idiot needs to sync but 4 songs, again your opinion?


    The original queston was simplicity and work flow of the software.  I'm old Mac user and a old PC user, but not being as smart as you, I must put fourth the effort to do the same old things I always did. Nothings is said of the the NEW things I have learned.


    "Amazing how a little effort on the users part can solve many issues",  LOL.  Then YOU would not be here, no?



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    As you now know, Apple does not repspond in this forum. That's actually the better option. What better way to find out how to use a product than to ask the people who like using it (a fanboy - apparently) and who are more likely to try and root out the best way of doing things? Think about this, why would you choose to not ask someone who likes the device (a fanboy)?


    My original reply to you was based on some Tough Love (which, you will notice, I now advocate). As I'm English, I use it in the British sense of the term rather than the Amercian interpretation, which is more draconian. (Check the Wikipedia entry for it if you wish.)


    Anyway, although you appear to have found your preferred way to manage your iPod, I will just mention a couple of ways to manage, fully, what is on an iPod, but using Sync. Note diesel vdub's comment on manual management. In addition his comment, if ever your iPod needs to be Restored (which will remove every single thing from the iPod), or when your iPod is replaced by a newer one, Sync will make it far easier and quicker to put onto the iPod exactly what you had previously.


    Using Sync, you can either:

    • use Sync only ticked songs and videos (see screenshot, below), and then tick or untick songs in the iTunes Library (followed by a Sync to put those changes on to the iPod). It's simple to bulk untick an album for example, thereby removing it from the iPod but leaving it the Library, so that it can be put back on later.


    • combine Sync only ticked songs...  with the use of Sync selected playlists, artist, albums and genres (second screenshot, below). Since there is, by default, a Smart Playlist named Recently Added, any new songs you put into your Library would automatically go into it and be Synced to the iPod (if you choose to Sync the Recently Added one of course). The playlist regards two weeks as recently added, but you can set the time to whatever you want. After that time has passed, the album is removed from that playlist. If the album is not in another Playlist that is being Synced to your iPod, then the album is automatically removed from the iPod at the next Sync and only put back if that's what you want. You can select indivudual songs if you wish.

    You retain full control.



    Screenshot 1:



    and screenshot 2:



    You'll notice that I am not using Sync selected playlists etc. - yet. I will have to do so soon, when my Library is larger than my iPod. I'm currently experimenting with Smart Playlists and have set up one which looks at several other Playlists. Some of those remove a song once it has been played and don't put it back for several months, while others add and remove songs according to different rules that I've chosen. The result is one Playlist which has an ever-changing mixture of my favourite songs not played for two months, not so favourtite songs not played for five months and other songs that have not been played for one year. My choice.


    Go on... be a , try it.


    P.S. My iPod says it's called The Fiend (in the first screenshot), so I guess that must be my real name.  

  • the fiend Level 6 (8,285 points)

    diesel vdub wrote:


    I'm baffled that so many "techies" and "non-techies" seem to find syncing so complicated.

    So am I. It's one of the many mysteries in life!

  • Steve Taylor1 Level 5 (4,670 points)

    Or to even read how...

  • eM6807 Level 1 (10 points)

    LOL, I like your posts.


    "You retain full control."  To me, priceless.


    I use multiple librairies and drives, your statement says a lot


    When I get out of sync, I run around baffled..

  • the fiend Level 6 (8,285 points)

    eM6807 wrote:



    "You retain full control."  To me, priceless.


    .. and your point is...?


    eM6807 wrote:


    I use multiple librairies and drives...


    ... and that makes even less sense, especially if you find it so difficult to manage that you need to vent your frustration here.

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