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Hi there. I’ve just joined, and hope someone might be able to help please.


I am in the UK. I have just taken delivery of 2 Mac Minis (due to major miscommunication between me and my husband!). I got mine from the UK Apple Store; John shopped around online and bought his from an electronics website. Only after the order had been placed did John realise that the website was Hong Kong-based.


Comparing the boxes’ labels, I can see that on the box the product name of my (UK) Mac Mini contains the letters BT-GBR (and my Apple order mentions a Country Kit GBR), whereas the Hong Kong-sourced product name says BT-ITP (I have no order breakdown). 



Their Part Nos. are as follows:




My question is: will the Hong Kong one be OK to use in the UK?


With thanks in anticipation


Mac mini (Mid 2011)