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Ok, this might sound a wee-bit...well, it sounds kind of not personal, but, I need to have iCal automatically send a (prewritten) message on a particular (repeating) date to someone.


It's to someone who I can't remember to, witout having iCal remid me. That it does, but, I want to be able to have iCal ot just remind me of that date, but to send out a message I've already written.


I have a laptop, iPad, iPad(2), and, I want the message to go out via MESSAGES - not as an email (though, knowing how I could do that as well would be helpful for other things).


I was looking at several scripts, but, I couldn't find one for this (if someone knows where I could find one, that would be great).


Much thanks.

iCal, Mac OS X (10.6.8), repeati messges via iCal