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Hi Experts,


I have recently discovered that my MacBook Pro (2009) with OSX Lion does not go to sleep when the power cord is connected. It does not matter if I close the lid or select sleep from the Apple menu. All that happens is that the screen is powered off, the SIL is solid and I can hear the HDD/fan. I have not changed any of my power settings recently and it has not been a problem previously. If I disconnect the power cord the MB goes to sleep as supposed to (the SIL led starts flashing).


Doing some research I have found other users with somewhat the same issues when VMWare Fusion is installed. I have done some further testing and it seems that if I disable the virtual machine's Network Adapter and quit VMWare Fusion the MB goes into sleeping mode when the lid is closed even with the power cord connected. Enabling the Network Adapter again prevents the MB to go into sleeping mode when the power cord is connected. This even applies when the VMWare application is shutted down.


My guess is that the Network Adapter somehow prevents the MB to go into sleeping mode. The workaround is of course toggling the Network Adapter on and off but the virtual machine has to be running in order to do so. Not being that familiar with network settings on a Mac is there any other way to get around the problem?


Thanks in advance :-)

MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.53 GHz), Mac OS X (10.7.3)