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I just pulled a guitar loop into my iPad.

Now iI want to create a blues progression.


I can't create the chord changes. If I split the main loop into sections, and change the key, all other sections follow.

I see a transpose option on the Mac version, but not on the iPad.

This is really useless.  You can't compose a song if the guitar is playing the same chord throughout the song .

Any suggestions or wait for a future release .

iPad, iOS 5.1
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    No you cannot transpose sections of loops, nor can you change the key of individual sections. If, however, you can record what you want with a smart instrument then you should be able to duplicate and transpose sections of that.



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    Now another reason to dump my pc for a mac.. There seems to be for the Mac version, some window which you can pull up (shows at the bottom of the screen). Where you can play with pitch.

    You only need that for those loops where a guitar is strumming a single chord for the whole loop.. Frankly I can't see any use for that..

    I also bought fl studio.. Maybe it's possible with that..


    I has a blackberry play book last year and when I found out about these 2 softwares, I dumped the playbook for the iPad.. And because of the iPad, I dumped my blackberry phone for an iPhone.  Only a matter of time before i ditch my compaq for the mac...

    I hated apple for over 25 years, cause I has a radio shack trs-80 pc and the apple computer friends used to make fun of me.. But they where right.

    The radio scrap pc pixels were RECTANGULAR !!!!!!!!!!

    Try drawing a circle with that pixel shape.. 

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    I realize that this is more than seven months after the original post, but I've found a very inelegant way to do this.

    Say, for example you want to do a very basic blues in C. Create a new GarageBand song and put your guitar loop in it. Transpose the song to F and save it as "F Guitar Loop" (or whatever). Share the song, via iTunes, as iTunes. Make a copy of your "F Guitar Loop" song and name it "G Guitar Loop" then transpose the song to G and save it. Share via iTunes, as before. Create your blues tune in C with the original loop in C and use the F and G loops you've created, by clicking the loop icon and then clicking "Audio Files" and you can make a three chord blues!


    Like I said, it's very inelegant, but it's doable.