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I am having a problem with the loops and sounds in Garageband and SoundTrack Pro. When I attempt to use a sound in garage band,  I get an error "an eror occurred   result code = -5000   File = Garageband-Temp-54E281E". When I do a search there are about 58 separate folders with loops or effects in them. If I isolate the one I want to use and change the permissions of the folder to everyone read and write I can use the sound, but I don't want to manually change the permissions for 58 seperate folders. I ran repair permissions using disk utility but that did not fix it. Any suggestions, I have a lab of 22 imacs, if it was just one I would just fix the permissions on it but for 22 separate machines, I would like some automation. Thanks in advance for your help.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.1, CPS educational software issue