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My phone keeps saying "Searching" on top, and because of that I think it's causing my phone to lag. Buttons become unresponsive and so do tapping on them on screen. It starts freezing up and I think it's because it's attempting to get a signal with Sprint.


This problem did not happen yesterday but it has started today. I have done the factory reset and started it up again with the same problem.


Please advise.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Have you contacted Sprint?  What did Sprint say?

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    I have spoken to someone by chat, and they told me to go to a Sprint store. If this was a software problem, then the factory reset should've fixed the issue. Yet the problem still persists.

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    Basic troubleshooting from the User's Guide is reset, restart, restore (first from backup then as new).  Have all of these been tried?

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    Yes, I have done all that and it hasn't fixed the problem.


    Guy at the Sprint store said that either it could be an isolated incident with the cell towers, or it could be the phone itself. He's basing the last part from the phone being laggy and unresponsive.


    He also said I could try two things before heading out to an Apple store. First, wait it out for a day and see if it works tomorrow, or second, go to another place outside my home area and see if it corrects itself.


    If both of these fail then I have to go to an Apple store to check it out.


    I do remember dropping it yesterday, but that was five feet from the ground on a carpeted floor. Plus I have a hardened case for my iPhone. Yet I was able to call people and use apps right after that happened. All I did was turn it off for the night, and this morning I get this issue!

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    The factory reset I did yesterday was through my iPhone, not connected to iTunes. That didn't solve the problem.


    Today, I did another factory reset, this time connected to iTunes. That fixed the problem. My network data and bars are showing up on the screen and the display lagginess and unresponsiveness is gone.