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I have a beautiful SE/30 which has a CNet Technology CN470E network card in it. I think the reason i can not get it networked is that it needs a driver for its Ethernet card, and i could not find it on the net. It would be so great if someone could share it with me! Thanks!

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Hello Adam,


    Pretty Rare item, but I've asked over on my site also...



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    What OS is the SE/30 running?

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    Hello, thanks for caring! The case seems to be this: this card, as well as many other ethernet cards are supported by the Mac OS from 7.5 and above (drivers are embedded upon factory install even for 3rd party cards), and the previous versions could have these genuine Apple "drivers". However, when you acquire the original installs, the custom drivers may be more efficient, eg using larger cache buffers that leads to faster operation and so forth.


    It might be not obvious for those who not use classic OS on a daily basis that:


    1) IP addresses don't get shown instantly like they do in OS-X. It will get the DHCP configuration when starting a browser


    2) I personally could not get Appletalk sharing files, which was another bag of hurt, as sending files over FTP is not straightforward (you have to stuff them, etc which is really painful to get a working version of the ancient software to do it).


    3) configuring the OS is nothing like you can see in the tutorials on the web. one may discover soon that there are no certain control panels, and such.


    I wish i could go back to 7.01 or 7.1 for a faster operation, but im not crazy Figuring this out took a whole night already...

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    OS7 before 7.5.5 was a real pain... then 7.6.1 brought more pain than gain.


    What CPs/Extensions don't you have that you need?


    I notice only you can see your eMail in your Profile, or you can contavr me on my site.