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This phone survived a grossly encounter with the toilet twice! Just about had it once the glass cracked. System still worked fine other than the top on button. That would get sticky sometimes. So i just left it off to "rest" deal with it when i was ready. Now 4 months later im ready!! Its not turning on all all =''[


I tried pressing the home& on button together for 10-20 seconds.

Doing that AND pluging it into the dock

Charging it for 20 mins & trying again.

Charging it in the computer (nothing comes up on itunes) and a charger in the wall....



This has been the past 2 days. I try, fail, let it rest, come back a few hrs later, try and fail again =[



I just want my photos that is all...


Can apple ripp it apart & recover my photos =[




iPhone 3G