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Recently, the podcast xml file at http://calvarylife.org/explore/podcast/elevation/podcast.xml was somehow corrupted and cuts off to a point back in 2006. Unfortunately the local copy I have and the remote file now match and I don't have a good archive backup.


Is there any way to recover the xml file from a cache that apple has at http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/calvary-church-santa-ana-ca/id124181848


It looks like all the episodes are still there in the itunes feed since I haven't pinged the server, but it's in a totally different format and would have to go through by hand to restore.  Is there someone at Apple that may have a cached version from before April 24? Any other ideas?

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    You will understand that as outside users no-one on here knows exactly how the iTunes Store works. However, though the Store caches the feed it would seem certain that the cached version representing the last time it was checked and was working in whatever form. What you see in the Store now represents the cached version. Since it goes up to 15th April that would seem to be a good version (the corrupted version was presumably unreadable and so hasn't wiped what shows in the Store).


    Whether you can get a copy out of them is something I couldn't possibly say. All you can do is email them at podcasts 'at' apple,com and ask them nicely. You mght be lucky, but I wouldn't get your hopes up too much.