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I went to a friend's house and tried to use his internet. It said there was a problem with the IP address so I just closed my mac and forgot about it. When I got home the whole thing is ridiculously slow.


Websites take a minute a page to load so it's pretty much unusable.


I can't move files around on the desktop.


I can't copy and paste.


Textedit doesn't do spellcheck.


Several strange things like the above have occured but my major issue is how slow everything is. And if I can't drag files around and make copies, I can't put everything on my data stick and then reboot it.


Any ideas what is going on with it? And any help?



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Slowness may be determined by many factors, definitely not because you went to your frind, and came back, it must be a mere coincidence. The first thought is that your disk may be full, how much free disk space is there? (right click on the disk, then Info or command-I). The second possibility is that you installed something incompatible with your system. A thrid cause may be a dying disk. And some other possibilities.

    You must have at least 10 % free disk space for a good run.

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    I have 21GB out of 74GB free. It has been running fine and literally changed within an hour. I didn't install anything just closed it and then opened it later.