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I had an issue on my MacBookPro earlier this week that I have since resolved (after several hours of research, testing, trial & error, etc). It involves some beta software, so there's a good chance that others may face the same problem soon.


This forum has provided me literally hundreds of answers over the years. I also know how frustrating it can be to search for help with a particular problem, only to come up empty-handed. So I figured that if I shared my recent experience (description of the problem + steps to resolve) with the community it might help someone in the future who runs a search for keywords relevant to the issue.


What's the best way to go about doing that? I don't have the points required to start a "User Tip"... So should I start a regular "non-question" discussion, or should I create a question and then reply to it with my own answer -- so that it gets indexed as a solved question? (I've seen the latter done before but wasn't sure if it's the preferred method.)



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    I'm not sure what a preferred method would be.   These forums are for the benefit of all and if, in your position, you feel you have something of general benefit to offer, I see no reason why you should not create a situation by asking a pertinent question and adding your experience to the answers that your question draws.


    If your solution is not exactly right you can bet your bottom dollar some kind person will add more.

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    Keep in mind that if the software in question is beta you most likely signed an NDA (definitely if the beta software is from Apple) which prohibits you from discussing the software outside of the approved channels provided by the manufacturer.


    This means mentioning the software here is against the rules. And if the software in question is from Apple then in all likely hood your post would be removed.


    Once the product  is released then the best way to post your tip woull be as a non-question post.