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i have a iPhone 3GS and when i try to turn on the 3G network, on the top of the screen it's shown "No service". I can't make any call, text or internet  using 3G, even if the area supports it, but if i turn off it and use the edge/gprs network everything works perfectly. I also tried to restore all settings, network settings and set the apn values but it still doesn't work. What could it be?  I've finished my Apple's guarantee period so i hope it isn't a hardware problem


iPhone 3GS, 3G network
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    If you're using a supported carrier, there would have been no reason to set the apn values.  You'll need to discuss this matter with your carrier.  It's unlikely a phone issue.

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    I'm not using a supported carrier and i'vr read in some forum that i had to set up the apn values before giunge on internet. Now i tried to use my SIM with a iPhone 3G and the 3G network works >.< i don't know whist to do!

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    Well, you'll get no help here as again, THIS IS NOT A PHONE ISSUE.


    Either use a supported carrier where you don't have to manually change APN settings, or deal directly with your unsupported carrier.


    There's nothing we can do here to help you.