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These files - sometimes as many as 30 - appear on my desktop

I created a wordprocessing document in Pages - saved it to the desktop - then almosts immediately an 'e macs.rft' file appeared next to it. It was a copy of the Page document I had just saved.

That was the first time I was able to open an 'e macs.rft' file. They are all 0kb. Otherwise I just keep deleting them - but sure enough they come back..

The size of Pages on the store site is 266mg

The size of Pages on my computer is 566mg

Somethins's wrong here - but I don't seem to be able to find a way to get help.

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    Installer files are compressed.


    What happens when you save your Pages file elsewhere and do you have Stuffit installed?



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    I'll try saving to a folder rather than the desktop.

    I don't have Stuffit


    Just saved a Page doc to a folder - no emacs file showed up

    Then saved another to the desktop and the emacs files started coming - 27 so far. Saving to the desktop seems to be the cause.

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    I could do this for you but try googling for the e mac.rtf file


    Something on your Mac is generating them. Start with anything you have added lately, because we don't know hat that is.


    Saving to the desktop is a bad idea and rapidly descends into a mess that slows your computer down.