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icloud - ubiquitous solution - but problematic. Moving over from mobileme to icloud - with mobileme not the apple id can be confusing as I found out. When moving over (or 'upgrading'?), the ubiquity gets caught between choosing your .mac account (with all possible calendars, contacts etc.). Or, your apple id and your store purchases. Problem occurred for me, as mobileme (.mac) previously formed the basis of essential emails, + calendars & contacts. However was not, (and this is the important part) my appleid associated with itunes. So now I'm essentially left with choosing between my previous non mobileme email address, that is my 'appleid', as it appears they can't be merged. Hence, moving my mobileme email to icloud then leaves me either not being able to access my itunes history. Or, if I do, then my mobileme (.mac) account gets left out... And, before you ask - no it won't allow me to merge my .mac email with my apple id - even though no purchases have ever been made using different (intl) store. Complicated yes - ubiquitous no.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)