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I'm going from Apple TV into a HDMI to Component converter box, out to my Sony Wega LCD tv. I have a nice crisp picture in 720p, but it's a bit off-center. Appears to be overscanning? It's all a bit off to the left. I can't adjust the positioning of my screen or shrink it down anymore. What's up?

AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Adding: My TV allows me to adjust the display:  normal >full> wide > wide zoom....


    except when it is receiving 720p!


    It is stuck on "full" and it won't respond to my attempts to change it. I think if i could change the screen back to "normal" mode all would be well.


    This is very bizarre. It's like the AppleTV 720p is over-riding functions that I thought should have been totally controllable through the TV.


    BTW. I got it working in a centered way at 480p - but not as good resolution as it should be. In 480p it allows me to rotate my screen display through normal >full> wide > wide zoom....  480p at "full" looks half-decent.